Southerly Vol 70/2: Romance


Tristan Barkley had sworn off romance. Until a sizzling night with Ella Jacobs, his secretive housekeeper, made the millionaire rethink his decision. Yet when he learnt she was carrying his child, he proposed the only solution: subscribe to SoutherlyAustralia's oldest literary magazine.

If Tristan had only done that he would now be reading Southerly #70/2, the Romance issue, with poems in it from David Brooks, Bron Bateman, David Mortimer, Cath Kenneally, Peter Dawncy, Pi O, Jill Jones & Ouyang Yu.

Here's the more literary introduction you'll find on the Southerly site.

Is Australian romance an oxymoron? It has been long thought so; not for us Don Juan or Don Quixote but Ned Kelly and Tom Collins. Even when romance rears its alluring head in Australian fiction, as with Harry’s wooing of Sybilla in My Brilliant Career, it is often quashed as a distraction or delusion. More recently, celebrated texts of their times such asPuberty Blues (1979), Oscar and Lucinda (1988),Praise (1992) have confirmed the view that romance is difficult in Australia – and in Australian fiction.

Get it at good bookshops or online from (oooh new website!).

Apologies (not very heartfelt, one admits) for the intro rip-off to Mills & Boon's Bedded By Blackmail author Robyn Grady.

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