The Astronaut’s Lovesong

A new poem 'The Astronaut's Lovesong' appears in the latest Meanjin, issue #69/2. Here are the first five lines.

The Astronaut’s Lovesong

Love, I sing you a song of the seas.  I fly
a hundred miles high like the pleiades
through the story of your boyhood skies,

    but honestly, love, I want you totally
    like a heat shield, an antidote, a splashdown.

Read the rest of the poem on p234 of Meanjin #69/2 (available in good bookstores and by subscription).

Although it doesn't follow the facts accurately the piece is inspired by the many news items from 2007 on fallen astronaut Lisa Nowak and her tawdry love triangle with a fellow astronaut.

Astronaut Lisa Nowak.


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  1. Hey Adrian, congrats, that’s great news! On the subject of that pic, have you seen this yet:

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