Matt Laffan


Matt Laffan passed away on the weekend after several weeks battling health complications.

Matt was someone I didn't know
at all well enough, but he was quite a character and a dear friend of some of my dearest friends. He lead a very inspirational life and I know many
who will miss him for his humour and warmth.

"I don't regard myself as being a little guy and after people are in my company for a time they don't seem to have that thought either."

That was from his interview on 'Enough Rope' with Andrew Denton, March 2004.

From Matt's site:

When I was born with a rare genetic disorder
I was given time to live: A very short time.
They said I would not see out the week.
The prognosis was wrong but the sense of
urgency that was cast upon me at that crucial
stage of my infancy has never left me. I
am haunted by the feeling that tomorrow
has no guarantees so one better make as
much of today to ensure when tomorrow arrives
it has something good to follow it. The
hours are crowded into moments that sometimes
seem too slow, and then too fast.

I have been reliant upon an electric wheelchair
for my mobility since the age of ten, and
thus restricted, as it were, in some ways,
which has afforded me the opportunity to
see that there is no room in life to forgo
opportunities to live positively. Having
bid farewell to too many friends whom found
the living too tough and the dying too easy
despite everything they had I treasure each
of the moments that Life has to offer. The
key, for me at least, is enjoying and sharing
it as much as one can.

Read more about him at his site, and on ABC News.

UPDATE: Read Peter Fitzsimmon's obit for Matt.

Photo: from Matt's site.


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  1. How admirable the strength of Matt Laffan..hope he would be serve as inspiration to all wheelchair-users…

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