Affordance nostalgia: MP3 player in a C60 cassette

As for so many of my generation the C60 cassette was a mainstay of childhood and teen music experience. Somehow, in a fit of ruthless flint-eyed efficiency, I threw out my many mixtapes a few years ago (and how I rue that moment now).

The nostalgia I feel is for the music, which of course I can buy on the intershops, but almost equally for the physicality of the technology. Let's call it "affordance nostalgia". Now I can have both, sort of, with an MP3 player in a C60 cassette housing. I can even forward through tracks by turning the tape sprocket with a pencil. It's almost real.


No matter how much we progress as far as technology is concerned, we always look back towards retro stalwarts for inspiration in the designing field.

At Yanko Design.


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One response to “Affordance nostalgia: MP3 player in a C60 cassette

  1. I grew up in Pakistan in the 1970s, and started my music collection with cassettes. Earliest ones long lost (or broken) but many from the 80s still in my possession, hope to convert them to iPod format some day.
    Will Your Life’s Work “Live, Forever”?

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