Australian Poets in Flickr

David Prater, originally uploaded by pureandapplied.

Having turned 38 I'm at an age where I can safely start life-long personal projects knowing the end is in sight how to pick projects I can enjoy devoting a lifetime to. This
particular small-scale effort is at the sustainable intersection of two
of my interests – poetry and photography, and it's one I'm dead-keen to share with others.

A few months ago I started a group in Flickr with the intention of collecting together photos of contemporary Australian poets. Check out the collection at Flickr.

This is an invitation to anyone with images of that most elusive species of
writer, the living Australian poet, to join the group and add their shots to the collection.    

There's a small pool at the moment, with images only of those I personally know such as Jane Gibian, Mark Mahemoff and David Prater (above), but I'm keen to see it grow, and am hopeful of seeing writers I've only heard of being contributed to the group.

Find out more in the group page at Flickr.


Wanna include a slideshow of the pool in yer site? You can grab the code here.


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