Richard Serra’s ‘Clara Clara’

When it comes to loading photos into Flickr there are quicker flickrers than me out there. It's only now, six months later, that I'm starting to plough through the shots I took while we were on our honeymoon in October last year. And this is one of my favourites. 

Richard Serra is famous for his monumental site-specific installations made in sheet steel. 'Clara Clara', named for his wife, was first erected outside the Louvre in 1983. For six months in 2008 it has been reinstated for a retrospective exhibition of his work. 

The piece is comprised of two 36m long 3.4m high walls of curved steel, bowed together at the centre and slightly tilted toward each other to make a narrow strait in the Tuileries between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. Serra says of his work "I use steel to organise space". This shot shows how they catch the light, the deep rust colour of the surface, and the way in which people interact with them, touching the face with dusty hands on their way through. 

More on Serra at his gallery and and on the Louvre site.

More shots from our time in Paris.


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