Masters of Creative Writing

Weeks ago I applied, and earlier this week the University of Sydney finally replied with an offer of admission, to the Masters of Creative Writing course starting next month. 

Long before I became a web producer and information architect, I studied Australian Literature – also at Sydney University – and wrote a lot of poetry, some of it tolerable. I had some poems published in various journals including Heat and Southerly, and in 1994 I had my first (and so far only) book The Beggar's Codex published by Five Islands Press as part of their New Poets Series. Around that time I also created (with Peter Minter) Cordite

All the while since then I've occasionally finished a poem and sent it off to a magazine, and somewhat less occasionally it would be published. I've also been in a regular workshop with Jane Gibian, Greg McLaren, Mark Mahemoff, Fiona Wright and others. But at no point was I giving any seriously productive attention to something I really love, which is writing.

So this is a return to an old direction for me, and I'm really excited about it. Needless to say I'm also daunted by the prospect of studying, working and parenting at the same time, but Hurol Inan, my wonderful boss at Bienalto, has kindly agreed to seeing me just three days a week.

There's a chance I can fit it all in and remain somehow a civil and sane husband, father, employee and now, once more, writer as well.


That this is happening at all is due in large part to my wife Siobhan, who prompted me to apply, assured me it is all somehow financially possible, and encouraged me when I was thinking it just wasn't viable for any number of other reasons. My thanks to you Siobhan.


You can check out some of my work under Poetry.



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2 responses to “Masters of Creative Writing

  1. Congrats Adrian, hope it all goes well for you!

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