Tsukiji fish market

  Snap-frozen tuna, Tsukiji 
  Originally uploaded by pureandapplied

Since returning from our 10-day holiday to Japan I’ve been slowly uploading shots to flickr. It’s taken me a few days though to get through the photos from Tsukiji fish market, simply because I took a few hundred of this remarkable fresh food market.

Wikipedia says of Tsukiji:

For many tourists in Tokyo, the Central Wholesale Market, better known as the Tsukiji fish market and said to be one of the best sushi destinations in the world, is synonymous with Tsukiji. It is also the largest fish market in the world handling more than 2000 tons of 450 types of seafood daily.

The market is exciting, industrious and dizzying. Going there was an eye-popping experience that left me wondering just how perilously over-fished the oceans must be.



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2 responses to “Tsukiji fish market

  1. Yeah, I’ve been there too – it is amazing/scary. I’m sure I read somewhere that 60% of all the seafood hauled out of the ocean every day goes through that one fishmarket.

  2. Adrian Wiggins

    Maxine – I’ve never seen so much seafood in all my life, so I’d believe the claim.
    Someone told us that Tsukiji is soon to move to Odaiba, a weird other-world city centre built on old relaimed land out in Tokyo Bay.
    My guess is much of what is interesting about Tsukiji now will be dispensed with in the relocation and this amazing relic of another time will be transformed into a fully-automated and likely characterless but highly efficient food market.
    Odaiba sets new benchmarks for an ersatz and confected city experience; over-sized and direly bare of any layered, human-scale experience, such as can be found down the narrow lanes, and in the small shopfronts around the current Tsukiji.
    So for those planning a trip to Tokyo, add to your itinerary an early morning outing to Tsukiji while it still exists in its current amazing/scary form.

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